The Big Tree Trunk

We are the Bai Gang… Weee areee the Baii Gang

Who we are & What we do

Author Chris C a.k.a Dai Si Heng: Likes DDD, Experiencing some kind of overreacting disorder whenever he sees DDD.

Author UFO24 a.k.a CF: loves to eat maggie goreng tambah cili padi and nasi goreng tambah pedas…lol…I LOVE SPICY FOOD !! HELL YEAH!

Author Nzfeng a.k.a ZF: almost get scolded all the time. =.= coz they jealous wit me!!! lol… tis time sure get scolded again….

Author gambit0329 a.k.a adik: sexy king

Author 3sk1mo a.k.a Wallace: SLK driver… Likes to watch horror movie but often feeling unwell when watching… And always in blurrrrrr mode…

Author innkun a.k.a Jolin Soo: they like to call me as Jolin. favourite place – Sepang. lol

Author jchenlee a.k.a JC:

Author darrenvanderwaals a.k.a Caveman:

Author henrihl a.k.a Lin Lin: @@ DDD on.. Maggie Goreng on.. Snooker on~ xD

Author BriaN a.k.a Drumstick Gor Gor: Don’t play play!! and eat DRUMSTICK

Author desmond a.k.a e.a.g.l.e: dun talk nonsense.. i will stun u gao gao. GG u haha

Author singalingam king a.k.a Foo Kai: I am singalingam king, so don’t singalingam me!!!

Author KidCurry a.k.a Gary: I have two brains and two faces.

Author lychee7 a.k.a Lychee: